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Experienced Technicians for Your {{Make}} in Edgar

Caterpillar has a long history as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of diesel and natural gas engines, which power the company’s own trucks as well as many other heavy equipment brands. With increased durability of engine components, Caterpillar promises a longer lasting truck with higher resale value. If you need repairs for your Caterpillar, call E.L.M. Repair & Refrigeration Inc.

At E.L.M. Repair & Refrigeration Inc, we offer all the repairs and maintenance services you need to keep your {{Make}} on the road, including:

  • Brake Services – No matter how carefully you drive, your {{Make}}’s brakes are constantly working hard, and the job they do is essential to your safety. We’ll make sure your brakes are reliable with regular service and necessary repairs.
  • Oil Changes & Lube Service – At E.L.M. Repair & Refrigeration Inc, we have a variety of oils to protect your {{Make}}’s engine, and always recommend the oil grade specified for your {{Make}} model.
  • Starting & Charging – Auto electrical repairs and check-ups for your {{Make}}’s starting and charging systems and battery help ensure reliable vehicle operation whenever you drive your {{Make}}.
  • Other Maintenance & Scheduled Services – Avoid many costly repairs and get the most from your {{Make}} by coming to our shop for routine maintenance services and a complimentary inspection.

As a local business, we know if we don’t do our job well, our reputation in the community is on the line, and we take that seriously. Fortunately, though, we’ve kept our friends and neighbors coming back with expert work and personal service. When you bring your {{Make}} to us, we’ll get to know you and your car, so your goals become our goals. You can also trust us to give you an honest assessment of your vehicle’s condition. Surprises are rarely welcome when it comes to auto repair, and we make it a point to keep you in the know.

Bring Your {{Make}} to E.L.M. Repair & Refrigeration Inc in Edgar

If your {{Make}} needs repairs or maintenance service, call E.L.M. Repair & Refrigeration Inc in Edgar. You can also request an appointment through our online contact form. We’ll contact you to confirm the date and time.